Trilipiderm Holiday Shopping Guide

Have any hard-to-buy-for people on your holiday gift list?

We are here to help with our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide. Give the gift of luxuriously hydrating, protective skincare, with our tri-lipid skin cell science technology. Match the person on your list to one of our gift sets -there's sure to be something for everyone. All wrapped in a lovely gift bag with a customizable gift card inside, bearing the name of the Gift Set. 

This person loves skincare and appreciates caring for her skin. Maybe he or she could use a smiley face in their lives, or they bring a smiley face to yours. Make their face a smiley face with the Smiley Face Gift Set.

Smiley Face Gift Set

Hydrating Exfolient Cleanser Face 3.oz.

Protective Day Crème 1.7 oz.

Rehydration Night Crème 1.7 oz.

$85.01  BUY NOW >> 

For the person with a great sense of humor! And one that appreciates the skin benefits of buffing and polishing to remove impurities and dry, dead skin. With facial AND body exfoliation, your skin is ready to receive one of Trilipiderm's hydrating, healing lotions or serums. Comes with a sample of our Rejuvenation Night Crème.

In The Buff Gift Set

Hydrating Exfoliant Crème Body 8 oz.

Hydrating Exfoliant Crème Face 3 oz.

Rehydrating Night Crème packet

$23.85  BUY NOW >>  

Everyone has a sun-loving person in their life and we are all sun-sensitive (whether they want to hear it or not!). Our two SPF products are super sun-protective with SPF30 - which actually FDA tested at SPF 45 and lasting for 6 hours between applications. It's your best shield from damaging UV rays and potential sun damage. Show them you care about their skin with The Sun Is Mean Gift Set.

The Sun Is Mean Gift Set

(2) All-Body Moisture Retention Creme - 

Broad Spectrum SPF 30 8 oz.

(2) Protective Day Crème - 

Broad Spectrum SPF 30 1.7 oz.

$120.51  BUY NOW >> 

Powerful things (and people) often come in small packages. Like our skincare. It's gentle enough for any age and skin type, and these small sizes are perfect for traveling and on-the-go folks. Send them on their way well-protected and hydrated, because you care.

Small, But Mighty Gift Set

Rehydration Night Crème .5 oz.

Hydrating Exfoliant Cleanser Face 3 oz. 

Hydrating All-Body Serum 1 oz.

Protective Day Creme - Broad Spectrum SPF 

$59.40  BUY NOW >> 

You know the one. Impossible to buy for, because they seemingly have everything they need. Not so! This is our deluxe gift set, that meets every skincare need for face and body. From scrubs to serums to night crèmes and hydrating body lotions, this luxury gift set has it all. Tell this person in your life that he or she IS everything, and now has everything their skin needs.

She Thought She Had Everything Gift Set

Rehydration Night Crème 1.7 oz.

Hydrating Exfoliant Cleanser Face 3 oz.

Hydrating All-Body Serum 3 oz.

Protective Day Crème - Broad Spectrum SPF

$111.11. BUY NOW >> 

These sample packs give skin a little love, in trial sizes to try before buy. Perfect for stockings, teacher or neighbor gifts, anyone that would appreciate trying a luxurious skin care product, made with the tri-lipid skincare science of Trilipiderm, for real hydration, protection and beautiful skin.

Holiday Treasure Gift Sets

For Face, includes three trial packets:

Hydrating Exfoliant Cleanser Face

Protective Day Crème - SPF 30

Rehydration Night Crème

For body, includes four trial packets:

Hydrating Exfoliant Cleanser Body

Hydrating All-Body Serum

All-Body Moisture Retention Creme - SPF 30

All-Body Moisture Retention Creme

This person is a knock out, and maybe they don't even know it! They'll love this nighttime regimen, which includes every step necessary for a healing night of sleep: polishing exfoliator, light luxurious serum and night creme packed with hyaluronic acid and our proprietary Medassynian Complex.

The Knock Out Gift Set

Rehydration Night Crème 1.7 oz.

Hydrating Exfoliant Cleanser Face 3 oz.

Hydrating All-Body Serum 3 oz.

$85.01  BUY NOW >>