Discover with Minis

Often powerful things (and people) come in small packages. Like our skincare minis. It's gentle enough for any age and skin type, and these small sizes are perfect for traveling or trying our products out for the first time. Keeping you well-protected and hydrated.

Our Small, But Mighty bundle includes the Hydrating Exfoliant, All Body Mosturizer with SPF 30, and Rehydration Night Creme, plus our Hydrating All-Body Serum.  

Hydrating All-Body serum is a luxurious, lightweight oil, that rapidly nourishes skin without feeling greasy. This serum helps reduce the appearance of fine lines all over the body. It is supercharged with natural antioxidants and vitamins to help improve skin elasticity including squalene oil and Medasynnian Complex which instantly lock in moisture.

Intended for 14-21 day usage. Each can be purchased separately below.

The Power of Three

Three have never been so powerful before in two easy steps, twice daily.

Generously apply the Hydrating Exfoliant Cleanser to face and neck, gently rubbing fingers in a circular motion and rinse.  This 3-in-1 multitasking miracle cleanses, hydrates and gently removes dead skin.

For daytime, apply the Protective Day Crème a powerful broad Spectrum SPF 30 actually FDA-tested at SPF40. Light texture, non-greasy and absorbs quickly. Great under makeup, will not cake or cause foundation to crease.

For nighttime, apply the Rehydration Night Crème. Our popular transformative, moisture-rich crème with hyaluronic acid, vitamins and our Medasynnian™ Complex.

Intended for 1-2 months usage.

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Triple Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Triple Vitamin C 

With triple vitamin C, including lemon and grapefruit essential oils, this serum brightens and help evven the skin tone.  Rich in antioxiants, it helps neutralize free radicals that can cause skin damage and helps promote collagen production.

Twice the hyaluronic acid compared to our other products, to better plump and fill in pesky fine lines.  Hyalouronic acid is one of the most powerful moisturizers and humectants know so far.  It smoothness and softening to the skin, excellent anti-wrinkle effects and promotes growth of new skin cells.  It holds more water than any other molecule in the body and it necessary to keep collagen hydrated and youthful.  Hyaluronic acid supports the structure of connective tissue by acting as a water magnet to maintain extra cellular fluidity.  

Discover Each Separately

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Hydrating Exfoliant Cleanser- FACE- 3oz. - Trilipiderm
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Rehydration Night Crème
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All-Body Moisture Retention Crème
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Hydrating All-Body Serum