This Sunscreen Smells So Good, I Actually Love Using It Every Day

This sunscreen smells amazing, absorbs quickly, AND hydrates your skin. 

By Claudia Fisher
August 03, 2018 

An age-old issue many have with sunscreen is the smell. It's not that sunscreens smell bad, per se, they just smell, well, sunscreen-y. 

I care a lot about sun protection, and have written about sunscreen many, many times after growing up with a mom whose one and only catchphrase is, "The sun is not your friend." I don't think she ever even told me to eat vegetables–sunshine precaution was really her only motherly ordinance.Regardless of your skin tone or ability to bronze golden rather than burn beet-red, everybody should be taking steps to protect their skin every single day, rain or shine, and even on airplanes (where the rays can actually be stronger coming through the windows). 

Sunscreen can help with more than just preventing burns: It staves off signs of premature aging, wards off sun spots and discoloration, and helps limit the chances of skin cancer. Beauty and self-care queens Victoria Beckham and Cindy Crawford wear sunscreen every day for the anti-aging and healthy skin benefits. 

But I get it–sunscreens smell sunscreen-y. 

Recently I started using one, however, that stopped me in my sunscreen-applying tracks. I get sent plenty of samples of sunscreens, and I do try them all, but usually it becomes an absent-minded formality. This time, as I was rubbing some cream into my shoulder, I literally stopped what I was doing and held my hand up to my nose for an extra whiff. I was not imagining things: Trilipiderm's Broad Spectrum SPF 30 with Vitamin D actually smells as good as any other body lotion you might use to moisturize on a regular basis.

The Broad Spectrum sunscreen is the same formula as the brand's original All-Body Moisture Retention Creme but with more benefits.In addition to the pleasant scent and fast-absorbing texture, Trilipiderm's moisturizing sunscreen ticks some other sunscreen musts off the list: It's broad spectrum, so it protects against both UVA and UVB rays, and it's SPF 30 (you don't want anything lower than that).