What is Trilipiderm? How Our Skincare Brand Is Solving Dry Skin for Good

What is Trilipiderm? How Our Skincare Brand Is Solving Dry Skin for Good

When Frank Fanning, a veteran cosmetic chemist, moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, he arrived expecting serene vistas, breathtaking landscapes, and snow-capped mountains. What he wasn’t expecting was chronically dry, dehydrated skin. Jackson Hole’s high elevation and crisp mountain air are known to take a toll on the skin health of visitors and locals alike. Frank’s new surroundings inspired him to create a science-backed line of skincare products with one sole purpose: to alleviate and eliminate dry skin for good. 

With 40 years of product formulation experience already under his belt, Frank embarked on his mission equipped with a deep understanding of what was missing from existing skincare products and what needed to be changed. Using both science and nature as a guide, Frank went on to create Trilipiderm’s Tri-Lipid Skin Cell Science, the groundbreaking technology that powers our line of deeply hydrating, plant-powered skincare products. 



Our Tri-Lipid Skin Cell Science can be found in every Trilipiderm product via carefully crafted ingredient lists that mimic the composition of healthy human skin cells. A proprietary Medasynnian™ Lipid Complex mirrors the molecular structure of fatty acids; naturally occurring plant extracts behave like vital cholesterol lipids, and skin-strengthening ceramides are duplicated using specific plant oils. 

Following Mother Nature’s recipe so closely allows us to create deeply hydrating, protective skincare without the use of harmful additives like petrolatum, mineral oil, and silicone. Each Trilipiderm skincare product is a quick and simple solution for softer, healthier skin. 

While our beautiful home base was the initial inspiration for Trilipiderm, we know that dry skin is a problem for people living in all different types of climates. That’s why our hydration-packed products are now available not only in the great state of Wyoming but all across the country. (See where you can find Trilipiderm near you using our handy store locator.)

It’s now been over a decade since Trilipderm first launched, and while Frank has since retired, our small, family-like team remains as dedicated as ever to Frank’s original ethos and brand mission. Our reach and offerings may continue to expand, but we’ll always be a brand that’s hyper-focused on providing clean, deeply hydrating skincare that leaves you feeling protected, nourished, and ready to take on any adventure that comes your way. 

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