What is meadowfoam seed oil?

What is meadowfoam seed oil?

At first, the idea of using oil in your skincare routine may seem off-putting: won’t it feel greasy and clog pores? Contrary to popular belief, there are a number of oils that can instantly absorb and deeply hydrate the skin while still allowing it to properly breathe. 

One of our favorite plant-based oils that can do all this and more is meadowfoam seed oil, an ingredient that comes with many incredibly unique benefits thanks to its rare molecular structure. Continue reading below to learn more about what meadowfoam seed oil is, what it can do for your skin, and why we’ve chosen to feature it in every single Trilipiderm product

What is meadowfoam seed oil? 

Meadowfoam seed oil is derived from the seeds of meadowfoam plants (known by its scientific name as Limnanthes alba). While this wildflower can be found in parts of Northern California and Western Canada, close to 90% of the world’s meadowfoam is grown in Oregon’s picturesque Willamette Valley. It’s from family-owned farms in this region, that Trilipiderm sources the meadowfoam seed oil used in so many of our products. 

Every year, in late spring, meadowfoam flowers blossom, creating a vital early-season pollination source for bees. When these wildflower fields are in full bloom, it looks strikingly similar to seafoam, hence its name. 

After the flowers have faded, meadowfoam plants are left to dry out in the field until July when the seeds are harvested, extracted, and pressed into a naturally light golden-colored oil. 

Meadowfoam seed oil benefits

This natural and sustainable plant oil is truly a skincare superstar. Here are a few ways meadowfoam seed oil can benefit anyone’s skincare routine. 

  1. It’s a top-notch hydrator

Meadowfoam seed oil is incredibly rich in fatty acids, a premier hydrating ingredient for the skin. When used on its own, meadowfoam seed oil can create a breathable yet protective barrier that locks in hydration to prevent moisture loss. When formulated with other ingredients (like how you’ll find it in Trilipiderm products), the ingredient is able to both hydrate and lock in moisture while also boosting the benefits of all the other nourishing ingredients in a skincare formula. 

  1. It won’t ever leave you feeling greasy. 

While some emollient body oils can take a while to soak into the skin, meadowfoam seed oil is particularly famous for its unique ability to absorb almost instantly. While the oil’s velvety texture feels luxurious as you apply, it never leaves behind a greasy after-feel. 

  1. It balances the complexion

Meadowfoam seed oil’s incredibly unique molecular structure closely mimics the structure of human sebum (the skin’s natural oil). This striking similarity is partially why it can absorb so flawlessly into the skin. The commonalities also mean that meadowfoam seed oil can balance oil production, helping to keep dry skin types hydrated without leaving oily skin types feeling greasy.

  1. It’s resistant to oxidation 

While certain skincare ingredients (for example, retinol and vitamin C) are particularly prone to oxidation, the process in which ingredients lose their structural integrity and effectiveness over time, meadowfoam seed oil is notably resistant to oxidizing thanks to its unique molecular structure. In fact, it’s twice as stable as other popular natural oils like jojoba. Because meadowfoam is so resistant to oxidation, you can feel confident that the last drop of a formula made with meadowfoam seed oil will be just as effective as the first. 

How Trilipiderm uses meadowfoam seed oil 

Meadowfoam seed oil can be found in every single one of Trilipiderm’s clean skincare products. We believe so strongly in the benefits of this natural ingredient that we made it a core component in our proprietary Medassynian Lipid Complex, a science-backed ingredient blend designed to deeply hydrate and eliminate dry skin for good.

Ready to experience all the benefits meadowfoam seed oil can bring to your skincare routine? Try these two Trilipidierm products that feature a notably high percentage of this luxurious ingredient: 

Trilipiderm All Body Serum: This unique oil-serum is a prime example of just how powerful clean body oils can be. The formula blends meadowfoam seed oil, Abyssinian oil, and plant-derived squalane to deeply hydrate skin without ever leaving it feeling greasy. It’s also infused with antioxidant-rich vitamins A, C, and E which help to boost skin elasticity and suppleness throughout the day.

Rehydration Night Crème: This moisture-rich night cream pairs our Medasynnian™ Lipid Complex with hydrating hyaluronic acid and a blend of antioxidants to deeply moisturize and renew skin overnight.  In the morning, you’ll awake to a plump, refreshed, radiant complexion. 

Want to explore even more of Trilipiderm’s ultra-hydrating skincare products? Explore our entire skincare line here.
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